February 7, 2005

Ticketing may push dog park development

The only explicit mention of Dryden in today's Ithaca Journal is in a report on recent ticketing of dog walkers at Allen Treman State Park who were allowing their dogs off-leash mentions the prospect of a dog park at the SPCA in Dryden.

In a set of articles about pedestrian-automobile accidents, the Journal writes that Tompkins County has reduced fatal vehicle crashes far more than the state average, which Captain Mark Dresser of the Sheriff's Department attributes to enforcement.

There's also an article on the increased number of boarded-out inmates since the state removed variances after the county legislature voted not to continue building the size of jail the county wanted. The state effectively doubled the number of days inmates were boarded out in January by initially cutting the jail's capacity from 103 to 58, before returning it to 73, its earlier capacity without variances. The cost of boarding so far seems to be $16,485, much less than the county legislature budgeted, but there may also be overtime costs for deputies involved in transporting prisoners.

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