July 15, 2005

Anderson Young new Dryden School Board President

This morning's Journal reports that the new school board president in Dryden is Anderson Young, with Russ Kowalski as vice-president.

In Community News, the Journal notes that Erin Radford, who grew up in Freeville, got a master's degree in international studies from the University of London and is "a program assistant for the Middle East/Africa Division of the International Foundation for Election Systems."

The Journal has an overview article on politics in the county after yesterday's petition filings, but the online version, lacking listings, is strangely frustrating. It says, for instance, that there's going to be a primary race in Groton, but unless you already knew that it was a Republican primary, you might well wonder what kind of primary.

The print version lists candidates, but it too has a problem: the Journal doesn't mention that the caucuses used by many town Democratic parties (including Dryden's) can run through September 19th, so a lot of towns look like there won't be contested races. There likely will be races - the candidates just haven't formally been chosen by the party yet, and the Journal seems not to have noticed that petitions are not the only form of nomination.

In Dryden, the Journal shows county legislative races between Martha Robertson and Dave Restey on the west side and Mike Lane and Mike Hattery on the east side. District 9, which includes northeastern Dryden as well as Groton and a slice of Lansing, has incumbent legislator George Totman in a Republican primary with Duane Randall, and Athena Kalandros running as a Democrat.

At the town level, Republicans are running incumbents Jack Bush for Highway Superintendent, Steve Trumbull for Supervisor, and Steve Stelick for Town Board, along with newcomer Dan Tier for Town Board. Democrats will be holding their caucus next month.

Update: I missed a photo inside the paper of Tom Finn and Fred Butler laying a wreath at William 'Daddy' George's grave during the Founder's Day reunion at George Junior Republic (now the William George Agency for Children's Services).

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