October 28, 2005

Hammond Hill trail repair update

Ann Leonard sends an update on Sunday's Hammond Hill trail repair:

Update for Hammond Hill Trail Work and Dish to Pass October 30 8:30am

There has been a tremendous response to the call for action from our terrific trail enthusiasts! Thank you, one and all, who have responded so far and welcome to all you who haven't stepped up to join us yet.

A load of crushed stone and culvert are ready to go for the steep hill repair, and there will be maps aplenty to direct work crews to areas that need their tender ministrations. We will be splitting into a minimum of 5 work crews, please be thinking which one you might find best suited to your interests and the tools you own. (Remember to MARK YOUR TOOLS WITH YOUR NAME!!! Bright orange surveyor tape helps you find dropped tools, too)

3 chain saw crews (one chain saw boss and several "haulers" per crew) Two of these crews will find 4 WD motorized transport useful to points closer to their destinations. Good idea to "carpool"

1 gravel crew. We'll need 6 to 8 people here. Nice for people with limited time, or who are bringing young children who chill quickly, as this crew will be working close to home base. We will have a tractor to assist with gravel moving so wheelbarrows will not be necessary.

1 or 2 wandering crews to clear ditches, pick up fallen limbs (there is lots of this stuff) trim back bent trees and low branches.

For the dish to pass, there will be refrigerator and freezer and stove all available for use. Ann has table service enough for about 20. If you can bring dishes and table service for your own use, that would help tremendously. We'll be using regular tableware and washup as we go, better than filling our landfills with throwaway junk.

We look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday at 8:30 (or whenever you can join us) Remember that standard time kicks in this weekend!

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