December 12, 2005

From Thanksgiving feasts to Santa

Somehow I've fallen behind on covering the Dryden Courier again, and I'd like to at least cover last week's issue while it's still available on newsstands.

The November 30th issue of the Courier visited the Freeville Thanksgiving Dinner held at the Methodist Church, and also had a picture of the Freeville Elementary School feast. Cassavant and Freeville Elementary Schools principal Paula Thoma's three week visit to Japan shares the front page, with pictures from her trip inside.

There were also an article on students presenting their accomplishments to the Dryden School Board and a report on the newly completed renovations at the Dryden elementary schools. Sports was mostly overviews, with brief mention of the Dryden Boys Basketball team and an announcement for the December 10th induction ceremony for the Dryden Athletic Hall of Fame.

The December 7th issue leads with a visit to Santa's Secret Workshop, held in the Dryden Middle School, complete with a picture of children talking with Santa. (Inside, there's a picture of the Horse & Wagon history tour from that same morning.) There's also an article on the 52-acre land donation Millie Sherwood donated to the the Finger Lakes Land Trust in Freeville, honoring her father with land important for its mile of frontage along Fall Creek.

Inside, there are profiles of Dan Kwasnowski, the new Town Environmental Planner, and Matthew Luciano, the student liaison to the Dryden School Board. In sports, Dryden's Anthony Jerome and Mario Clarke won wrestling championship matches at the Newark Valley Invitational, and Tony Clarke made it to the final. The Dryden Boys Basketball team beat Groton 66-38.

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