September 12, 2007

Disappearing corridor study?

I've heard bits and pieces about changes to the Route 13/366 Corridor Study, but there's no sign of activity on the project's web site. I believe that they've talked with the Dryden Planning Board about a revised draft that does one of the things I'd hoped for, focusing more attention on the existing Varna hamlet rather than scattering development all over - though I have no idea what the details look like. (As a bonus, my house is apparently no longer marked as a driveway for the mountain goat apartments to be developed on the hillside.)

I can't really tell, though, since nothing's actually been published or announced to the public since the last public meeting back in April.

Even if the results prove tolerable, I still have to say that this has been a lousy process, far worse than other planning activities of the past few years. The county should take a long hard look at how seriously it takes public involvement, and realign the rhetoric with the reality.

Posted by simon at September 12, 2007 12:43 PM in
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Martha Robertson said:

Simon and all - Please have a look at the County Plannind Dept.'s website for the latest on this study: (If this link doesn't work from this comment, google "Tompkins County planning", then click on "Transportation Choices" on the left side of the page. As of this writing, the Rt. 13/366 study is the first link on the next page.