December 21, 2010

Dryden bails out state

Or at least that's what the Journal's print edition headlined their online article called Town of Dryden awards farm conservation easement funds. Faced with New York State's apparent inability to come up with money they'd committed to, the Town finished the job of buying the farmland protection development rights for Lew-Lin farm. I just hope New York State's good for it. (Yes, I really do wonder given the trainwreck in Albany.)

Cortland Road property owners get a bit of a break on the water shutoff, which moves to July 1st from February 28th.

Dogs at the Tompkins County SPCA on Hanshaw Road will be eating well for a while, thanks to a large donation of food.

While I think it only affects the southeasternmost corner of Dryden, and maybe not much, the state and federal governments reached an agreement on New York's role in improving the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Finally, just to the west of Dryden, Pine Tree Road residents aren't thrilled about proposals to raise the old railroad bridge. As I watch trucks go by here, I can't say I'm surprised or upset that people wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of additional passing behemoths. A road, even a highway, used to be a place to get from one place to another; over the last fifty years their side effects of chopping up neighborhoods and making everything around them unpleasant just keep growing.

That story reminds me that a lot of people in the Journal comments and elsewhere grouse about NIMBYism, but I've pretty much had it with that phrase. We'd all be better off if more people cared about their neighborhoods enough to fight for them.

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