December 22, 2010

Land for sale; some restrictions may apply

A commenter, Jason, has resolved the teepee mystery; the teepees were actually for public use, but the land they were on is to be sold January 8th at the Dryden VFW.

You can find details of the auction at the Zogg Brothers site. We'd looked at some of the parcels above Route 13/366 when Angelika was looking for orchard sites, and they're certainly interesting. However, looking at the auctioneer's site, I'd be very cautious about deed restrictions like this for Lot 3:

EXCEPTING AND RESERVING unto the Grantor, the successor and assigns of the Grantor, forever:

All mineral, oil, gas, timber, hunting, trapping, recreational and educational rights, and the management thereof; including the right to enter and use this property, with invites, at any time, forever, for any purpose of conservation, preservation, or outdoor education and recreation; including but not limited to: tree planting, tree harvesting, invasive species removal, forest product use, the construction and use of: trails, a camping area, shelters, a nature museum, ponds, orchards, tree nursery, a sugar shack (for the production of maple syrup from sap collected on site), natural energy experiments, a community reuse/recycle club and market, a community garden and market, parking area, storage buildings, outdoor adventure camp, wilderness survival camp, and walking, hiking, running, skiing, ice skating, photography, nature study, meditation, outdoor games, etc., free of charge.


Grantee may not subdivide or change of the property configuration without the consent (in writing) of Grantor, the successors and assigns of the Grantor.

Grantee's development is limited to the construction of only one primary structure and associated outbuildings for residential use only, disturbing a maximum of one acre, plus a driveway access.

Grantee's use of the remaining portion of the property will be limited to walking, however other uses and development may be allowed, under the management and approval (in writing) of the Grantor, the successors and assigns of the Grantor.

It is clearly understood that the Grantor and the Grantee, their successors and assigns; will not allow mineral, oil, or gas to be leased, sold, or extracted from this parcel, unless both parties agree that said lease, sale, or extraction would not harm, alter, or damage the natural environment of this parcel, and the management of the timber rights will be based on sustainable forestry practices under the guidance of a qualified forester, to produce forest products and maintain the forest health, ecology and diversity, forever.

It may be exactly what you're looking for, but it may well not be.

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