May 20, 2011

A visit from the State Police

Well, I didn't expect that.

State Trooper R.K. Smith just stopped by my house to let me know that Otis Phillips wants to press trespassing charges against me for daring to open the technicolor mailbox.

I'll keep you all posted on how this goes. The trooper was nice enough, but wow.

Update: And here's the resolution.

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Shelley said:

And I hope you're filing counter-charges of the implicit threat to the stupid, idiotic game playing against you that should embarrass everyone involved.

Simon, I used to think Missouri had the worst politicians, but your community has our General Assembly beat.

Let us know where to send cake with file.

Thanks, Shelley! I should note that the guy sending the Trooper by for a visit isn't a local politician (so far as I know) - just a local arborist and developer.

I'll keep you posted on the cake!