May 7, 2012

Hollenbeck's Spring Classic Road Race

I spent yesterday morning in Virgil as a corner marshal on the Hollenbeck's Spring Classic Road Race, helping point bicyclists toward their last hill climb and the finish line. (I was volunteering for the Ellis Hollow Preschool - it's not...

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May 24, 2006

A closer look at the bike map

Earlier this morning I noted the work of the Ithaca Tompkins County Transportation Council (ITCTC) on a draft map for bicyclists indicating the suitability of various roads in the county for bicycling. Here's a closer view of the portion of...

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Asphalt prices to determine road paving

This morning's Ithaca Journal looks at the challenge of paving roads on a fixed budget when asphalt prices keep climbing: As major consumers of oil, which is used to create asphalt, highway departments have been heavily hit by increasing prices...

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