June 10, 2004

Tonight's Town Board meeting

The Town Board is meeting tonight at 7pm at the Dryden Town Hall (map). The agenda is available. Highlights include two public hearings affecting the Route 13/366 overlap area, discussion of a new town hall, a report from Town Attorney Mahlon Perkins on actions in a dispute over an enjoining action because of a faulty septic system, "tax exemptions for renovations to a home (to accommodate a homeowner’s disability)", news that the NYSEG water plant is for sale, more discussion of sewer issues with the Village of Dryden, and a golf course update.

On the golf course, the full feasibility study from Tallman and Demarest has been completed. It's a large set of files, and you may want to explore parts of it.

The only piece which strikes me as glaringly wrong is in the market analysis, Appendix 1, which lists a "Hollow Brook Golf Course" as under construction in Cortland County, but gives the zip code as 10567. That course seems to be in Westchester County, not Cortland County, leaving only the course "in planning" at Greek Peak ski resort.

Minutes for the May meeting are also available now.

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