September 1, 2012

Woodstove, Part III, water jacket

The last work actually done on the woodstove installation was back in June. What happened?

Well, two things. We're still waiting to have the hearth installed, which is behind - but I hadn't been pressing them because we were missing a key part. The stainless steel water jacket, which allows the stove to create hot running water, was a central reason we'd chosen this stove. Unfortunately, it was backordered when we ordered, and it turned into a three-month delay. At one point it was supposed to arrive July 26th, but no. I called Ireland last week to see if there was some easy-ish way to get ahold of one there, but there wasn't really, at least until much later in September. There was also no documentation about what it looked like, how to install it, and so on.

We were about to give up on the water jacket and install the stove, hoping to add it later. Without plans or directions giving a clear picture of it, we weren't sure how difficult that would be.

This past Monday, though, Lehman's called to say they had arrived and would be shipped. Galen Lehman, President of the company, called Tuesday to apologize for the delay and explain the complications of inventory. Most important, however, the part itself arrived Thursday:

Waterford Stanley Errigal woodstove water jacket.
Waterford Stanley Errigal woodstove water jacket.

There are still some challenges ahead. In particular, the plastic caps indicate that the connections have a BSP thread, which may be a recipe for leaking if we use standard American NPT connectors with it. However, this is a major step forward, and will let us get this done right.

If you're considering going this route, I think I have to suggest ordering the water jacket well in advance. It costs about 1/18th the price of the stove, and while having an unused water jacket around might feel weird, it feels much less weird than having an unused wood stove.

I've posted a small set of pictures if you need to know more about this water jacket. I'm guessing very few people will be interested in those, but the ones who are will be very very interested.

Update: here's a letter describing how to use this, though sadly lacking figures.

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