March 9, 2011

What people read around here

Well, what they read on this site, anyway. These are the top 25 stories on Living in Dryden over the past year, as measured in page views by Google Analytics. The first story has about 36 times the number of visits as the last story - apparently ticks are vastly more interesting than paint.


























My guess is that nearly all of this traffic is driven by searches - there isn't a single 2010 or 2011 story here, and only one 2009. Most regular visitors seem to use the front page of the site as their main point of entry, and really only use the story pages if they want to leave a comment. Photos definitely help - the frost pictures in particular are a constant draw. There's also a lot of do it yourself and agricultural themes in there.

Hmm... now I probably can't do that again for a year at least, as people clicking to see what these "most visited" pages were contaminates future results. Oh well. There's some interesting stuff in that "greatest hits".

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Daniel McArthur said:

I think this site is extremely informative and valuable. I wish all towns had someone with the attention to public needs that is demonstrated here. I thank you for your effort!